Page 9 - Wild Hope - Vol 9
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What if the submarine
                                                                             is praying for a way
                                                                             it can poison the air,
                                                                             in which some of them have
                                                                             leaped for a few seconds,
                                                                             felt its suffocating
                                                                             rejected buoyancy.
                                                                             Something floats above their
                                                                             known world leading a wake
                                                                             of uncountable death.
                                                                             What if they organized
                                                                             into a rebellion?

                                                                             Now scientists have found
                                                                             a group of octopuses
                                                                             who seem to have a sense
                                                                             of community, who
                                                                             live in dwellings made of
                                                                             gathered pebbles and shells,
                                                                             who cooperate, who
                                                                             defend an apparent
                                                                             border. Perhaps they’ll have
                                                                             a plan for the planet
                                                                             in a millennium
                                                                             or two. After we’re gone.

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                                                                                                                        10/8/20   2:47 PM
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