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                                   1/ ASHLEY MCCONNELL is a public affairs officer with the US Fish and Wildlife Service in Ventura, California.
                                   She established her love of wildlife and the great outdoors as a child exploring national parks in South
                                   Africa. Today, she guides a team of communicators who tell stories about the unique and diverse wildlife
                                   and wild places of the southern and central California coast: 2/ ASHTON KLUTTZ is a
                                   Registered Veterinary Technician and Executive Director of the Bird Rescue Center of Sonoma County.
                                   She also serves as Vice President of the California Council for Wildlife Rehabilitators, a non-profit that
                                   provides community, protocols and information to all California wildlife facilities. Through her work,
                                   she has come to appreciate each individual species’ behaviors and can discuss their quirks at length.
                                   3/ JOAN GEARY’S award-winning images span six continents and more than 25 countries, including China,
                                   India, Japan, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Tibet. As a resident of Sonoma, she has
                                   captured the essence of California Wine Country, as well as its wildlife. 4/ CHRISTINE ELDER is a lifelong
                                   naturalist, artist and educator. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology, with an emphasis
                                   on ecological principles, and a certificate in science illustration from the University of California. In her
                                   work as an environmental educator, Christine teaches workshops, leads nature sketching retreats, and
                                   offers online art classes. She lives in central Oregon, sandwiched between the 10,000-foot volcanic
                                   peaks of the Cascades and the high desert where pronghorn antelope roam and sage grouse dance:
                          5/ KEVIN K. CALDWELL is an amateur wildlife photographer living in Hong Kong with a
                                   strong interest in field herpetology. “Photography is my means to document what I see when I am out in
                                   nature. I enjoy photographing wildlife all over the world, but my primary focus and passion is searching
                                   for, observing and photographing the snakes of Asia.”: 6/ CARLY NAIRN is a
                                   journalist and writer whose work focuses on wildlife and ecology. She has previously published work in
                                   National Geographic, Guernica, and Yes! Magazine, among others. She lives in San Francisco, California:
                                   @cnairnsf. 7/ ROBIN HUFFMAN paints close-up portraits of apes and monkeys, most of whom she has person-
                                   ally cared for at primate sanctuaries in Africa and the United States. Almost all are orphans due to bush-
                                   meat hunting, trafficking, deforestation, the pet trade, research or entertainment industry. Robin uses
                                   the proceeds of all art sales to make donations to wildlife conservation and to continue her own primate
                                   advocacy efforts: 8/ MARLIN HARMS has been photographing various aspects of nature
                                   for several decades. Living on the California central coast, his subjects have ranged from birds to native
                                   plants and tide pool life, but also esoteric species, such as lichens and galls. Some of his most rewarding
                                   work has been for land conservancies:

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