Photo: Sharon Beals

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Inside Volume 7

  • Six things you can do today to make a difference in the welfare of wildlife
  • Photos of nests of endangered birds impress the need to preserve their makers’ breeding habitats
  • From Florida to Hawaii, what’s being done to help sea turtles survive climate change
  • A wildlife rehabilitator reflects on the fallacy of “let nature take its course”
  • How a butterfly inspired a San Francisco neighborhood to plant native wildflowers
  • In Namibia, protecting cheetahs by helping ranchers protect their livestock
  • An encounter with a rattlesnake that leads to redemption for the author
  • California’s disappearing kelp forests and the people who are trying to stop the destruction
  • After four decades of war, Afghans are taking bold steps to protect their country’s unique wildlife
  • A wildlife sanctuary that brings together at-risk youth and hurt animals in a healing environment
  • Why burned forests are vital ecosystems for many species and shouldn’t be logged
  • In Uganda, saving the lives of mountain gorillas by providing healthcare to villagers
  • An illustrated field guide to dudleya, a coastal succulent that’s being poached to sell in Asia

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