Wild Hope Magazine - Volume 4

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  • From Colorado, The Wild Animal Sanctuary’s campaign to end the captive wildlife crisis in America
  • A heart-to-heart conversation with North Atlantic right whale researcher Amy Knowlton about overcoming obstacles to the species’ survival
  • A mayor’s radical vision to incorporate nature into his city’s revitalization plan
  • How raptor rehabilitators are using falconry techniques to help injured birds fly again
  • Vaccinating endangered Ethiopian wolves against deadly diseases spread by domestic dogs
  • Art Works for Change challenges how we relate to nature
  • A California homeowner finds that coyotes make good neighbors
  • Reflections on an encounter with a porcupine and the need to protect all wildlife
  • Earthfire Institute’s mission to understand the ways animals experience the world and us
  • The host of a gardening podcast discovers the beauty of oak galls
  • A Santa Fean lets her lawn revert to its natural state and is rewarded with the return of wild creatures
  • An illustrated Field Guide to the black-backed woodpecker

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